Over a year…


It has now been over a year blogging…what have i learned from the experience?

a) any activity that becomes a habit can also be an obstacle to getting important work done.

b) i don’t think my writing skills are getting any better, so perhaps practice does not make perfect.

c) People who do not blog have a very hard time trying to figure out why other people do. I don’t really get it as lots of people keep journals and no one ever asks them “why?” I know i have said this before, but i can’t stomach what i rant when i know no one else will ever read it. This requires more thought and a little less self-centeredness.

d) If one person starts to do something, a lot of people start to do it too. People are lemurs (first it was Lisa, then me, then Veronica…mwahaha).

Yup. Moving Isa this morning was a breeze. It would have been easier if i hadn’t stayed up until 4:30am on MSN. Ah well. My own fault. I need to learn to be more assertive.


3 thoughts on “Over a year…

  1. I like blogging. I find writing in a diary has no merit, it’s meaningless to me if no one else sees it. Mind you, I’m sure most people don’t care about what I put on my blog either, but to me putting it *out there* makes the feelings valid.

  2. Blog writing is a unique development from a collection of sources (diary/journal, news report, essay/dissertation, manifesto, online forum/billboard, …) into a distinct style of its own.
    SUGGESTION: Don’t expect your writing to improve unless you’re practicing a style that would expose your progress and you put in the effort you would if you were submitting your writing to the same standards of scrutiny in blog as you would in any other style.
    Perhaps you could assign each day of the week a style you’d like to practice. Monday could be essay, Wednesday a poem, and Friday a formal business letter. The other days you could mix up between reporting the news and philosophising about it in an online diary. You may find that if you concentrate on how you’re writing, you’ll become more aware of the process and produce better work.
    Of course, it could make no difference at all.

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