Moving Isa (Day 1)


A big, huge hug of thanks to Eric for saving the day unknowingly today. If he had not said yes to my coy asking for his help, i do not know how we would have finished that move before 2 am and continued tomorrow to do the odds and ends (like getting a mattress). He would not even accept Isa’s offer of some money to compensate him. Three cheers for Eric.

I was rather astounded when we arrived at Isa’s as almost nothing was packed. I expected more from a soon-to-be accountant. It worked out fine though. I didn’t get out of bed until 12 and went back to bed from about 2 to 3 until Isa called.

I have worried my poor aunt to the point that she is offering to come down next week-end. I may have overdone my drama queen bit. I was very upset when i wrote those past three posts, but i am feel a tad better after two days of relatively little drama. I think i will be okay. I am going to start apartment hunting seriously once the school year starts. I do not have the time nor the energy right now and it just makes me more upset.

It was too humid today to be moving. hence, i am sticky and would have to change my sheets a week earlier than normal if i don’t take a shower before bed. That is what i am off to do right now.


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