living accomodation problems


i was supposed to move out, but my parents begged me to stay and offered to get me access to a car. how getting a car would permit me to have a social life when i have neither the money to put gas in a car nor a designated driver for it, i couldn’t figure out.

The red neon has tried to kill me at least three times.

Apparently, if i am unhappy with driving the red neon, i can take the bus.

My parents have refused to pay for a bus pass because i don’t use it enough. Apparently, at 22 years old, i should ask for money everytime i want to go somewhere.

I turned down a job and a great apartment offer last month because they guilted me into staying. I should know better. People don’t change.

I need a job and an apartment pronto. I might end up taking a year off school to pay for said apartment. i hate having things up in the air all the time like this, but, i can’t take being yelled at.

The irony is, the reason i should stay was “we stand between you and hell right now;” funny, this feels a lot like hell. I want a normal student life, i.e. not to commute 2 hours in and out everyday AND work to put gas in a car. I want food i can actually eat without getting fat and having to buy new clothes. I want a clean workplace (i.e. no relish drops on the table from food i never ate, no dishes with food turning in the sink, no floors that i stick to when i walk around barefoot).

i know – life isn’t fair. But i should have learnt in April…leopards don’t change their spots. I need to stop trusting people.


2 thoughts on “living accomodation problems

  1. Holy shit! Grow a backbone and move the fuck out, like, right now.

    This is the only blog post of yours I’ve ever read, but it made me confused and angry. Stop listening to your parents. You’re 22. Own up to your own life and stop making excuses.

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