more ranting…


You’re gonna love this…i get an email from the staffers of the void that they haven’t been receiving the submissions…this has nothing to do with their neither informing me what email they put on the poster for submissions before it was put up nor telling me whom this email should be forwarding to. i am in the process of verifying the forwarding service is functioning correctly, but up until now i had no reason to think it wasn’t. Incidentally, 12% of the ‘s hits are referred from this site. Nothing like feeling unappreciated as they took this blog off the staff blog list. it won’t be going back on.

I got an A on my last Italian test, which is a very fine mark. Not good enough to make up for the Bs on my last test and my two papers. This is not good. i need a GREAT mark on both the final and the oral i present Thursday.

Today Tim and i went out for lunch at Les 3 Brasseurs and then for fruit slush at our favourite tapoica tea place (though neither of us likes tapoica tea). We had an in-depth conversation about the very nature of conversation…and whether most girls actually listen to each other talk. I make a rather concerted effort, as a self-identified rambler, to ask the other person in a conversation questions which i think will take them a while to answer and forcefully make sure to register each and every comment. i know i get distracted… do other people do this? have other people noticed that a lot of people, when you’re talking to them, respond to what you’ve been saying with a totally unrelated comment that makes you wonder how long they haven’t been listening but rather waiting to interject with that pearl? i like talking to Tim. We found a nice cafe on Ste. Catherine – Peccadilly’s (spelling?). I am supposed to check out Eve online and see if it works for Macs. Like i need something else to help me procrastinate.

I finished Freud this morning on the bus. I started Simone de Beavoir’s Second Sex but i don’t think i will continue because i do not need two huge books going simultaneously.

I have found the definition of chaos: Look in your rear view mirror at night when merging onto the 40 East from Decarie North when there is heavy traffic moving fast…there are supposed to be lanes right? Wrong. There are cars everywhere…it looks more like a jigsaw puzzle than any semblance of order…reminds one what mass societies would be like if we didn’t conform to conventions.


3 thoughts on “more ranting…

  1. I believe the cafe you went to is Picadello.

    Oh, and convention is the reason for the chaos on the road. If drivers followed the published rules rather than the established conventions, there wouldn’t be chaos. As long as every driver believes that they either know best or deserve to be treated differently there will always be anarchy on the Decarie-Metropolitain exchange.

  2. I don’t think EVE Online works on Macs … World of Warcraft does, though.

    I think EVE Online is incredibly boring. I tried it out about two years ago ( ) and came to the conclusion that it really *did* make me feel like a *real Space Trader*: I’d get really, really bored during those long flights from one planet to another over 7 different jump points or so. If I were a “real Space Trade”, you can bet that I’d be spending the time watching Space-TV or playing Space Games. And if I feel the need to play games to pass the time _while I’m playing a game_, then the game just isn’t for me. 🙂

  3. I don’t want submissions to pour on the Void because I want my story to go through.

    Selfish isn’t it?

    As for conversation, I see what you mean… I try to listen to others more too.

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