test done, oral to go


my italian test went well (knock on wood). i also managed to practice my oral on the geography of Montreal’s suburbs in my prof’s office before class and will do so again before giving my presentation. there are hopes of my getting a good mark on that too. awesome. i might pull off an A- after all.

went out for coffee after with a boy…or an old man…whichever. he is almost 25, that makes him old (i know Eric will love that comment, you’re ANCIENT buddy). he borrowed a copy of Ulysses…we have more in common than i expected which helped the conversation flow. or flow less as a monologue on my part. i do tend to ramble.

i REALLY don’t feel like going to work tomorrow. This job is hell. I am tired of wasting valuable time waiting for calls only to be hung up on. i have more important things to do…like study and read.

WordPress has released an upgrade capability. For $15 a year, you can write your own CSS. I really want to…but i don’t know if after i buy the upgrade i will never get around to actually doing the work. the last thing i need is another purchase to remind me how unproductive i am. maybe a personalize CSS on this page would help me overcome my angst about having lost all control over the Void website. who knows?


9 thoughts on “test done, oral to go

  1. CSS is not easy to design well.

    Do take a look at the stuff on CSS Zen Garden and the html/css guides on htmldog.com.

  2. I suppose if all you want is a personalized blog, 15$ a year isn’t that bad. I pay 24$ a year for 400 mb and 10 gb of bandwith a month. With that I also host my own wordpress blog which I can customize any which way I want. (Though the customization was limited to getting rid of the default right bad and making my own since it was being annoying and wouldn’t let me put stuff where I wanted and didn’t space things nicely.)

    Before my blog though I used the space mostly as an online hard disk because my internet connection used to suck.

  3. And Eric, don’t listen to her, 30 is not ancient. I tend to like them 27 and over.

    Heather, keep your eyes open for cute friends of your date’s… yes, I promise I will play hard to get.

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