i am a cheap date


i drank one Poppers (imitation smirnoff ice) after eating my second dinner (weird eating schedule due to working late and night classes) and now i am tipsy. tipsy enough i am genuinely worried about standing up too quickly. how does this happen?

my dad forgot to pick me up tonight. after being kissed by Tarek unwillingly at work on Monday and having to get my bosses to tell him to stop it…i was genuinely fearful of the Arab men on the corner…that is a horrible thing to admit to, but the truth. I had never really been afraid of a nationality before. Damn him. why would someone kiss a girl on the neck at the office? what is wrong with this guy? when did this become appropriate? why did i not kick him in the balls when he first kissed me on the cheek instead of standing there like a deer in headlights? i should not be so flirty…not that i ever was with Tarek. other than calling him Habibi as everyone else does…how was i supposed to know it meant lover…?

i can’t believe it is Peter being reprimanded for sexual harassment…this is ridiculous. i am going to enjoy talking to administration tomorrow. i just might quit. who knows?


7 thoughts on “i am a cheap date

  1. Unfortunately, it usually only takes one bad experience with an individual from a different nationality or cultural background to develop a negative perception of the whole nationality. It sucks that something like that would happen, but that’s pretty much how the human brain is wired. Think back to Social Psych in CEGEP, I think we briefly discussed something about the subject.

    Personally, I think you should complain to your boss about this guy kissing you on the neck. That’s definitely not appropriate behaviour at work and any guy doing that without a girl’s consent shouldn’t get away with it.

  2. oh. i did complain. i wasn’t willing to say sexual harassment, but i told the supervisors i would like him made aware that it is inappropriate at the workplace…that it reflects poorly on me and him…and that i am uncomfortable with telling him to stay hands off because i don’t want to cause a scene. we will see what happens today because my supervisors dealt with it immediately. of course, i didn’t say sexual harassment; i said uncomfortable. so they don’t have to go about a formal reprimand. i will say sexual harassment if he does it again of course, but i am willing to give him one chance at realizing i am not happy with the situation. hopefully he will learn from this the not-so-hard way.

  3. Yeah, a kiss on the cheek is definetely not a go ahead for anything else. I kiss girls on the cheek all the time, it’s just the way anyone in my family would say hello and it really doesn’t mean anything more than that to me.

    There have been situations where it made the person uncomfortable though since english canadians do it less than french canadians. It’s usually reasonable obvious (and very obvious when you meet someone’s sister for the first time at brutopia and he says way to make her uncomfortable) and if I think it made the person uncomfortable I make a mental note to not do it anymore.

    Good luck with this guy.

  4. I hope your meeting went o.k. What a day that must have been! You should have kicked him, that used to be your trade mark move…haha.

  5. You go, Heather! Kick his ass.

    @Smokinn: The kiss on the cheek may have made her uncomfortable, but I think my sister and her friends found you pretty damn charming. đŸ˜›

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