if you talk to me on msn, you likely know that i like to tell people not to “sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” when i am signing off for sleep-ville.

here is a less than comfortable realization…Bed bugs are back!


2 thoughts on “bedbugs

  1. At the camp I used to work at, we had an infestation of bedbugs once. The RN couldn’t figure out what was going on and kept quarantining campers with itchy red bumps in the infirmary, speculating that they must have been spreading something between them. When the infirmary was too full to accomodate any more patients, he was forced to drive the lot of them into the Montreal Children’s Hospital, two hours away. When they returned a couple of days later, only the nurse was smiling. He told the camp director very quietly, “You have bedbugs.” The response was disbelief. The remedy, since it was the last session of the summer was to ignore the problem. The campers were sent home with instructions for their caretakers to wash their clothes (including the clothes they were wearing) immediately upon their returns before getting into bed. Winter took care of the bugs that were left at camp. There were no more reported cases the next year.
    POINT: While it may be difficult to realise and admit that you have bedbugs, they are surprisingly easy to get rid of. They don’t survive very long without flesh. Mr. Benton, though he claims to be embarrassed to admit he has them, seems to have made a mountain out of a mole hill.
    If you agree with the Associated Press that this is news worthy, then you shouldn’t have minded reading this long banter either.

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