is everyone’s heart going to get broken?


in an unexpected turn of events, i realized that almost everyone from school who stayed in Montreal this summer is having their hearts served to them on a silver platter by a person whom they hold dear. Is Montreal a city of pain this summer because of the heat, humidity and sun, or is it just that we are at that time in our lives when everything goes to shit?

Tim suggested that we get away…go to a Club Med where the drinks are included and just get trashed and crazy before the school year recommences. i like the idea, but i don’t have time to plan it. He does. We’ll see how serious he is about getting a load off our chests and enjoying these last weeks of supposed freedom which appear to have cost me a great deal of my sanity and what was left of my self-esteem.


9 thoughts on “is everyone’s heart going to get broken?

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are having a crappy summer.
    Let me do what I can to lift your spirits this morning:
    I have a crush on the new design for the void’s web site. Congrats.
    I am happy to have finally come across your blog and seen how pretty it is.
    Sorry for leaving a comment on what seems like a personal little post, but your own comments left on mine always cheered me up.
    The summer will end.
    P.S. How do I get that little “I read the Void” logo on my own blog?

  2. God, I wish I could go with you. Unfortunately, I work until school starts again. And the conference. And stuff.

    At least it’s keeping my mind away from the broken heart thing.

    I’m even too exhausted to cry.

    But everything is gonna get better eventually… keep hope my dear, keep hope.

  3. On behalf of those of use who’ve had our hearts broken, I would like to reiterate that leading up to the broken heart is some really great stuff. I for one have had a great summer, one of the most exciting I’ve had in a long time. I chose to vacation all summer so that by contrast, every event is more significant. When a little pleasure goes such a long way, it’s difficult to deny or regret.
    Simple are the good things in life and many are the average. It is a wise individual who can find them all good.

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