a real week-end


i got up and decided not to go in to work yesterday. it was a lovely idea. i didn’t have to as my supervisor said i could take the day off if i wanted, so i spent the day hanging with Eric my fellow “do nothing all summer” buddy.

I bought a laser jet printer/scanner, a very inexpensive home theatre system for my Mom’s birthday and three movies at Future Shop. The incompetence of their salespeople remains outstanding and i will never go there without either a very specific purchase in mind or someone like Eric accompanying me. We then went to HMV to buy a movie to show off Eric’s new TV. I had watched said new TV get set-up, watched part of Baraka (which is beautiful, but i don’t have the patience), ate hamburgers and green peppers off the grill, and played with google earth.

We head over to my father’s football game (he coaches) to keep me Mum company. They lost. There were fireworks after that were surprisingly good considering where we were and the budget they likely had. I then came home, installed the new printer and watched Annie Hall curled up in bed like a nested cat. I had never seen Annie Hall before. It was very good. I could actually believe Woody Allen playing himself in it which i find hard to do when he is playing the lover-type. Ick. Woody Allen is not particularly attractive even if he is brilliant.

the plan for the day is sunning…i am going to try and read a huge chunk of Ulysses, study for the GREs, maybe listen to some music on the IPOD i finally took the trouble to find, and hopefully turn a beautiful shade of chocolate. I am not too optimistic about that last part. I might hang out with Tim later. We’ll see if he remembers to call me today.

My readership has taken a plummet over the past week – i wonder why. I have gone from about 100 views a day to about 30. I had been climbing steadily for months. It makes me wonder how many of those views were Lisa refreshing the page over and over – LOL. I am sure there is more to it than that.

Oh, and lastly, i am leaving my msn all the time, but that doesn’t mean i am actually there. If it says BUSY, i am, get this, BUSY. If it says AWAY, i am, wait for it…AWAY. I don’t play with the status just to turn off the sounds (i can hit the mute button on this Powerbook anytime i want). The idea is so that you can leave me a message if you need to reach me as i am not in the house very often…

Have a great day.


One thought on “a real week-end

  1. MSN courtesy is sorely lacking by a good many.

    BTW, with the new MSN (Windows Live Messanger), you can leave messages for people who are offline. So you don’t need to be online to get all your messages. So ya know.

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