electric storms


this summer has been one of electric storms. i love them. they are so pretty and the rain is so warm. i love walking outside in the dark while being pelted with huge raindrops and watching the fork lightning in the distance. it has been a great summer and i hope it continues.

Last night, our power went out for the first time thus far. I ended up hooking up to the internet via dial-up. Old school rocks. Gmail loads really fast even when on an internal modem – i was impressed.

The dialer at the office is down but the sun is back out. I slept for about an hour on the lawn outside the office this morning before work. My italian homework for tomorrow is almost done, but i still have a composition to write for next Tuesday. I think i am going to write on my first job – which has also inspired me to write a similar post in English for this lovely blog. Interesting stuff i know. Just wanted to give you something to kill some time.


3 thoughts on “electric storms

  1. Ah, lighting, Mother Nature’s fireworks. I agree that they can be pretty to watch. Just try not to watch them when you’re standing in the middle of a soccer field or under a tree.

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