thank god for small blessings


They’ve removed my blog from the staff blogs at the Void, so i can enjoy this rant without worrying on how it will reflect on an independent publication. Thank God for small blessings because on the list of many things that make me feel like my life is out of control, thevoid has become one of them.

I have spent the past two months researching webhosting, editing modules and then customizing my chosen module, wordpress, to the needs of the site. Last night i was given a splash page from our layout-design person (i was not allowed to design it myself, which is insulting enough on its own) and told to upload it. There is no link into the site or to the archives. I also got an ad to upload from our manager, but as apparently the entire site will be a self-contained splash page which i am not to tamper with, until the next issue is released mid-September, i have no idea where i am supposed to post the ad that Regent Books has so obligingly paid for.

I submitted myself as a possibility for web editor with some reservations about my own skill to do the job properly. i am not very skilled at code, but i do enjoy fiddling around occasionally and i know that when there is a schedule to keep i stick to it. After speaking to the outbound web editor, i felt much better and had a list of things to accomplish before the old site’s webhosting expired (today actually) and plodded along getting it done. I am not tooting my own horn, but all things considered i think i did a pretty good job and was starting to feel a little more confident in my role. The other staff members had nothing to say about what i was doing and told me to do as i saw fit, and i did my best.

I would like to know if it sounds like i am just whining that suddenly i find myself essentially demoted to webmistress from web editor and all my months of hard work being scrapped. Why was i permitted to do it all, if it wasn’t good enough? Couldn’t someone have let me know before i invested just under $100 in web-hosting for the site? Before i spent hours researching? Before i took the trouble to post a new schedule LAST WEEK for our readers, when they were intending to take the site down for a month and a half. I may not be very good, but i could have found better ways to use that time. Particularly the time last week when i should have been studying for my Italian test.

Ok. i am running late. Rant completed. Hopefully this sense of purposelessness will inspire me to move this site to its own domain with a lay-out designed by me. Of course, i don’t really have time anymore. Working, school, GREs, Ulysses and seeing friends are starting to take their toll. Besides, i don’t really want to be a subdomain on thevoid site, and i don’t imagine they would want me there anyways…as the link to my blog was so nicely removed. the irony of it all being that i actually have more readers than thevoid’s online edition does at this point.
Please remind me not to volunteer to do stuff anymore…


5 thoughts on “thank god for small blessings

  1. now now. i am not condoning boycotting them. i am just ranting. and i do that well. i am not actually willing to condemn the staff members as people because i am getting the short end of the stick, i know a magazine is nothing without its layout person and they must do everything to keep that person on staff. i just needed to gripe some.

  2. Hi,
    Didn’t realize that happened. I think the new design looks cool, but only because I thought you designed it. And I was wondering where the links were.
    Very sorry to hear about that. I can tell you with complete confidence you were hired as web editor, not web mistress. I also was left completely on my own to do these things and was very much under the impression that you would be too.
    E-mail me if you want to rant. And welcome to the world of student publishing…

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