internet outage: eep!


My internet was down yesterday morning, which explains the lack of postage for those of you that were worried.

I went to the fireworks (Australia) with Trent, a co-worker, last night. He had never been. It was a very nice outing, though i think the walk up those stairs may have killed us both. There were some awesome sparkler type explosions and the final was very pretty. The highlight of the display, however, was a great choice of accompanying songs. There were the big musical hits (Time Warp from Rocky Horror! Somewhere over the Rainbow!) and some good classic rock. It was well done. I am not sure whether i preferred Argentina’s display – it’s a close call.

I am at work and, yes, i know it is a Thursday and i am not supposed to work Thursdays. I was assigned to a special test project on Monday and the meeting is today, so i was given permission to come in and work a half day to be able to attend the meeting. This way i do not have to make up my taking off early on Friday to pick up Veronica whom is coming in to town for the week-end. I actually come out 2.5 hours ahead this week! Richness.

I did pretty badly on my Italian composition: 80%. The test did not go well either. Ugh. I have class tonight, but the homework is easy so i am on msn, working on the void yet again, and studying for the GREs; i am finally back in the groove. I begin at noon but need to take some notes on what i think is wrong with the script first.

I was informed that men can tell what type of underwear women are wearing at almost all times. Why didn’t anyone inform me of this before now? How do i live in a bubble? Don’t you guys have anything better to do?


5 thoughts on “internet outage: eep!

  1. Yes, now you know our secret, although it’s easier to tell for some than for others. Didn’t you see Will Ferrel’s little speech on it from “Old School”?

  2. Not all men can do it. It takes years of practice.
    But once you know what you’re looking for, it’s as easy as telling doric from ionic or corinthian.

  3. Seriously- I think it can only be done wearing certain things. Because that if the woman isn’t wearing tight pants? Or a skirt the poofs out? Because honestly girls, since we do check others to note what they are wearing, how they wearing it and of course our opinion on all of this- regardless on why- don’t tell me Heather that given certain bits of clothing that you can’t tell if someone’s wearing a thong, reg cut panties… or hell boy shorts. There are tell-a-tale signs.

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