Mary Poppins


I mentioned feeling like Mary Poppins the other day in an early post. Well, Lisa and I watched it again, at like 2am yesterday, and i still feel like Mary Poppins – but i am not practically perfect in everyway that’s for sure. I have only the bad qualities of being Mary Poppins and none of the good. I am not cheery enough that’s for sure, though i do have the energy…LOL.

Mary Poppins is sad. She seems to live her life for others and have put her relationship with Bert on hold for some greater purpose. She genuinely cares, but gets forgotten in the end and lives a transient existence. Knowing i am out of here in a year makes me feel detached.

I am going to suggest to Bryan that we put on a skit of the “supercalifragilisticexpalidocious” skit for Talent night. Lisa agrees with me that Bryan and Dick Van Dyke have way too much in common for it to be healthy to pass up such an opportunity at acting like asses.

i don’t feel like doing my Italian homework or studying for my test on Tuesday. I am lazy. My cat went to the vet and got his shots on Thursday and has been moping around since. He is scaring me. I want him to move. The vet said he is healthy for an old man, but i want him to have energy again. Poor baby.


2 thoughts on “Mary Poppins

  1. hello, i am sad that you are leaving in a year I only really got 2 months notice. But things are going relatively well here in TO, not as good as I had it in mtl. I think Mary Poppins wouldnt have lived out her true potential being with Bert. Tell boo i hope he gets better. I didnt know you guys had a talent night but it sounds like a great idea.

  2. Mary Poppins is a whore. The only reason all the men know her and give her that coy smile is because she’s slept with them all. That’s why she has to leave at the end. she’s a rolling stone. She can’t stay in one town too long.

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