kite-flying and popularity


i am going with Anna to a party on Ile Ste Helene Sunday. What i really want to do this week-end is fly a kite. I will be popular at said party if i have a kite to fly. I don’t fill out a bikini as well as Anna, so i will need some ploy to not be stuck in her shadow (LOL). Where can i buy a kite in Montreal?

I have always wanted to fly a kite. I have never been successful. As a kid i would patiently try to make them myself from construction paper and straws with toilet paper tails. We bought one from a Walmart, Kmart or Ames every vacation i can remember, yet they never flew. I want to add this to my summer to-do list and then cross it off! i want to be a kite-flyer. Is anyone interested?


4 thoughts on “kite-flying and popularity

  1. Wow, I think the last time that I flew a kite was when I was around 7 or 8 years old in the Philippines. I remember we used to have home-made ones made with newspaper, bamboo and glue. They flew, but not too high. And they always got stuck in trees.

    I haven’t flown one since then so I wouldn’t really know where to buy a good one. I always see some at Wal-mart, but I never tried them out. If anything you could always try to build your own.

  2. Valet D’Coeur
    St-Denis (below Mont-Royal)
    They have some nice kites, some cheap, some expensive. They have some that’ll really soar.
    If you go to Ile Ste-Helene, there are some good spots to fly, but I don’t suppose it’s easy to do in a crowd.

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