my bad mood continued for most of the day and into the evening yesterday because i was not havinga very good day at work. By nightime i was feeling kind of sad and lonely, but i feel asleep quickly once i tried (around 2am) and didn’t wake up until 10am, so i can’t say that i didn’t get enough sleep. I may not be catching up on lost sleep, but at least i am not falling further behind.

the thunder and lightning was just awesome last night. i could hear the rain crashing down on the stone patio outside my window and it was alive outside. if i had not been wearing only a satin nightgown i might have gone out to dance in the rain – and as most people know how i NEVER dance, i obviously felt not sad, just not really alive.

I want to do something stupid. Something i can’t intellectualize and justify. Something crazy that will make the adrenaline run through my veins. Any suggestions?

It is a beautiful day out and i am supposed to be meeting Eric in town. I got up too late to get that haircut i promised my Dad i would get. Thursday is another day i guess. Thursday is payday actually. Something to look forward to. I need to buy stamps as i have three letters to mail.

Is it wrong to want to be a lesbian because i am sure it would guarantee me cuddling?


5 thoughts on “thunderstorms

  1. Oh for the love of- listen… you can handle all this. And Anabelle is right, you can cuddle with anyone and not have to switch your sexual orientation to do it. And furthermore- yes sometimes we all have days when we feel like being held by someone else, and to have that physical contact with someone else. But when you can’t have it, you just have to deal. I know it sounds awfully harsh. But sometimes life is. And if you need to feel the comfort of being held, go to your mom, she loves you and I doubt if you hugged her and held on for awhile she’d freak out and say- no child of mine get away. Only my mother does that.

  2. I suppose that you just need the right guy to fulfill your cuddling requirements (yes, there are guys who actualy like doing this). No need to turn lesbian. Mind you, I don’t have much experience with lesbians to know about their cuddling habits (I don’t think “lesbian” porn really counts).

    Oh, by the way, please kindly send me the password to you posts.

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