making a good impression


“fare la bella figura” is the italian expression for being immaculate and making a good impression. well, there’s more than that, but anyone who has ever seen the metrosexual look will understand what i mean even if they don’t understand the expression.

so, apparently North American culture is overly casual for people accustomed to this life. they would say that we don’t show respect for the situations…i would argue that there is a larger cultural difference at play. North American culture is a commuter culture. What i wear out the door is what i will be wearing all day. I cannot come home at lunch and touch-up or change. i already get up at 6 in the morning if i want to be at the office for 8h30, i do not have time to blow-dry my hair every morning – particularly not when there has been a snowstorm and every minute counts. Europeans consider travelling across a city to be a long distance. As always, i think cultural differences come down to geography and not culture.


3 thoughts on “making a good impression

  1. I wonder what it’s like for people who live and work and go to school downtown. If your travelling time from any location to any other location is equivalent to ~3-5 metro stops, then distance isn’t really in the way anymore. Do those people change their clothes for each different part of their day?

    If cultural differences come down to geography, then shouldn’t we be seeing some similarities between people who live entirely downtown (or within any small radius, for that matter) and people in European cities? Or is it simply that geography was what caused the initial change in culture, after which they continued to diverge?

    Speculation is fun. Now you’ve got me thinking about this stuff at 2:15am….

  2. When I did live downtown, and when I did walk home between classes, it happened that I would change clothes. But I still didn’t blow-dry my hair.

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