montreal fireworks: Portugal


well, they were nice fireworks…but other than the finale and some nice little extras in the sky while the rest of the show was going on, i don’t think they were of the calibre of the rest of the displays in the competition. Wednesdays are much less crowded though and they open the bridge more quickly. The police officers actually thought i was going to jump over the rail in 4 inch heels and a pencil skirt. ha. i told them i would prefer not to break an ankle. The lady cop responded “there are eighty year olds who jumped fine” and i responded “not in heels they didn’t.” Peter offered to pick me up and put me down on the other side, but i opted for walking more quickly instead of being stragglers. we caught up with the crowd and went to Dairy Queen. I love Skor blizzards and good company 🙂

i am going to be password protecting some posts retroactively. you can ask me for the password and i will most likely give it to you. i have decided to restrict access to the pages on Steve and my problems…at the time, i didn’t mind airing them, but i am having second thoughts about keeping them up for the rest of my life.


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