you got here how?


I have a great post idea, but haven’t had time to work on it. Too much time spent on msn in the past couple of days i guess. It will be a month tomorrow since i first started keeping this tally of search engine searches that led to people visiting this site. apparently, people are looking for me specifically, which is nice. i was scared to see the search for my employer’s though. i wondered if i was breaking a confidentiality agreement without knowing it. i don’t think so though.

starting June 13th (because i can)
hfeatherina or featherina – 44 times

mochahost sucks – 1 time

Comparaction long distance reviews – 1 time

cynicism idealist – 1 time

andy poolhall toronto 2006 – 1 time

cantalope and dieting – 1 time

Powerprep GRE Old Versions – 1 time

contacting ben savage – 1 time

visited old high school – 1 time

malleus mallefacarum – 2 times

Yeah. So, Peter asked for the URL of this blog. I declined. there is too much on here about my recent break-up. This is the first time i have ever declined. i have thought about it before, but always ended up stop being a baby. We are going to the fireworks tonight.


5 thoughts on “you got here how?

  1. My 2 favourite search phrases in my log:

    i hate the world ; it hates me too
    jamies cell phone — 419– 438-4224

    I have no clue who jamie is or how my site ended up in those search results.

  2. Wait, I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying that your employer was searching for your blog specifically? Or did someone find your blog because they were searching for your employer?

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