sleeping pills not working


i couldn’t fall asleep last night. combination of fighting with Lisa and the humidity i imagine. i’m an overly blunt bitch.

i slept all of 2 hours under the influence of sleeping pills. yup. i woke up two hours after taking a sleeping pill.

made five sales at work today. $24 in commission. nice. i feel productive, but shouldn’t because i haven’t managed to get anything on my to-do list done. not even my italian homework.


2 thoughts on “sleeping pills not working

  1. Thought of an air conditioner? Best 200$ I’ve spent lately. The humidity was keeping me awake too (2nd floor apartment) but the air conditioner is a godsend.

  2. i cannot do a/c. it gives me headaches. i don’t actually thin it was the humidity because it never bothers me. more likely i had just stayed up too late on msn 🙂

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