a lil’ better


i went to the Montreal International Fireworks Festival again with Lisa last night. We were at our great spot where you can see the actual launch site and South Africa gave Argentina such a run for their money that i don’t know which one i liked better. the timing to the music was better for South Africa, but last week the winds were insane and it was difficult to even hear the music. There was a playing of the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme song that puzzled me thoroughly however. South Africa had a nice use of different colours and i thought their massive, full-sky displays were better done that Argentina’s, but i liked the latter’s medium height display better.

I went out for dinner with Peter yesterday after work. Talking for nine hours straight (work and then keeping a conversation moving because awkward silences when you don’t know someone are tough) was exhausting. We made plans to go to another fireworks display before the end of the competition though, which is nice.

Going to Italian has brought to my attention just how much of my poor Latin skills have already dwindled away. I imagine i am going to be purchasing Harry Potter in Latin soon just to have something to work on to remind me how the grammar works. i don’t want to have to start over next year after investing all that time and effort.

Can i finish the Decameron before the end of the day?


2 thoughts on “a lil’ better

  1. Yeah, South Africa’s display was the shit! They started off with some really soft colours and gradually built up to some huge, bright explosions.

    By the way, from where do you watch these fireworks? I’m usually at the Old Port in the back of the SOS Labyrinthe Building so we don’t get to hear the music.

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