i am tired. i do not want to go to work for 6 hours, but i need to get some bills paid. hopefully i will get some energy before the fireworks i am supposedly attending again tonight. i don’t even know what country it is.

i only made three sales yesterday – all credit cards which means i still kicked everyone else’s butt, but that i need another two today to even be able to qualify for the best sales per hour bonus of 25$.

one of my parents just went in the shower. damn. we don’t have a properly functioning hot water tank, which means that i cannot take mine until they get out. nothing like making it harder to get my brother to the metro on time. thanks mom.


One thought on “tiredness

  1. three sales is pretty good, why must everything be a competition? I’m glad you are having fun at your job. I am going to go out and find one. This has become ridiculous as I am sure you know. Too bad you are so tired…I hope you are better.

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