depression and money


yesterday morning i truly did not want to get out of bed. i was feeling thoroughly sorry for myself and Veronica will be getting a letter in the mail to attest to that. ah well. i finally left the house and got my lazy butt to work.

9 hours later i am now $109 richer (okay, -$1 for a rolo because i wasn’t planning on staying until 10pm and hence didn’t have another snack) and have completed five, count em, five sales. i am a long-distance rate and compare savings program telemarketer extraordinaire.

my coach’s name is Peter. he sat beside me for the last hour and a half because he was racking up a couple extra hours. he asked if there was anything he could do…of course, my response was “find me the perfect man…” I am awful. He just broke off a long-term relationship because she was cheating on him. He’s kind of cute… ah well. it makes going to work fun anyways.  correction: i misunderstood the conversation. he did not just break off a long-term relationship, but rather a short-term one and not with the girl who cheated on him. i am easily confused.
Peter is my favourite apostle.


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