we are all the same


Gender differences are always an interesting topic of conversation.

A homosexual friend of mine was lamenting how whenever he attends a rave, inevitably there are women who feel the need to proposition him on the pretext that “they could turn him straight.”

I find this rather insane as an idea, and was discussing it a little over a week ago in a restaurant with some other good friends. We were attempting to delve into the depths of the female mind when another friend rather astutely pointed out that many men, when they encounter an attractive lesbian, feel “they are man enough to turn her straight” too.

Good point. I guess idiots are idiots no matter their gender. Thanks Zach.


3 thoughts on “we are all the same

  1. I think sexuality doesn’t really matter either. A gay friend of mine just can’t wait for me to be single so he can try to turn me. It’s flattering.

  2. Funny how many guys are so into getting with “attractive lesbians”. I think it’s not so much the prospect of being with an attractive lesbian as it is with being with a potentially bisexual lesbian because of the many possibilities…

    That being said, the time and energy some guys spend trying to “turn lesbians straight” are probably better spent trying to attract the heterosexual women who are more likely to sleep with them.

  3. I’m not so sure about men thinking that they’re man enough to turn lesbians straight — at least I’ve never encountered anyone who openly admitted to trying.

    As for women thinking that they can turn a gay man straight, I suspect that it might be an extension of the “bad-boy complex”: Many women are attracted to assholes, and after many discussions on the subject the most satisfying answer I got was that somehow, deep down, a lot of women think that *they* can be “the one who changes him”.

    Why can’t people just accept people for who they are?

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