Learning = Good


I understand quite a bit more about long-distance service now. It’s good to learn things. They haven’t let me on the phones yet, but the lady i was sitting with buddy-buddy yesterday is pretty awesome. Her name is Pauline, she has been working there a couple of years and she was very friendly. It’s nice to know that when you encounter someone who honestly has an unbeatable rate we are supposed to say so and excuse ourselves for having bothered them with a CAA loyalty program that doesn’t fit their needs. I don’t feel like a crook or anything and a lot of people we call are genuinely interested by the idea of seeing the comparison of different long distance providers. Unfortunately, a lot of the CAA lists are filled with very elderly people and they are sometimes obviously losing their marbles. It’s sad.
This evening i am going to visit the grandparents again, one last time before Mum and Dad get back. I finish work at 6.
I can’t decide what to do about living arrangements…this constant commuting is killing me already and i haven’t even started the insane carpooling yet. Unfortunately, Lisa’s Mum has decided that we (her friends) are out to use her and, hence, i cannot sleep over anymore – even when Lisa and i go out the evening before because i do not want Lisa to get yelled at by her Mum.
I have to go pick up my last pay cheque this morning. I am not pleased. I don’t know if it is always protocol to make people go pick it up, but it isn’t what they did at Subway and since i didn’t get paid on Thursday, i don’t have the money to pay the parking in front of the building so i am going to do an illegal park and dash in. i don’t understand why Rachel, our payroll clerk, is incapable of letting people know about these things before they happen. On my last pay cheque she made an adjustment of 7 hours that i had been over-paid and neglected to tell me. I was irate.
Ok. i had better get going if i am going to get that paycheck. I am not planning anything special other than MAYBE the fireworks Saturday because this week-end i need to review for Italian and work quite a bit on the GREs. Plus, i need to stop the insane spending.


One thought on “Learning = Good

  1. Listen. I really don’t have a problem with you coming over to spend time with me. I really don’t. And even sleeping over sometimes… not an issue. I mean everyday would be issue. But ahhhhhhhh. Sorry my mom is my mom. I love her… but you know.

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