new job


well, it went well. it looks pretty easy. nice thing is that i would purchase the program myself if i could. it’s a customer loyalty thing called comparaction for CAA members and Scotiabank Visa holders. they compare three long distance providers for you and then charge you the one that came out to the least money for your long distance usage that month – so if you make no long distance calls, it’s free. plus, if the customer says they have a plan that’s better, we just tell them that we can’t match it and tell them scotia/CAA is happy to have their business and looks forward to offering them other loyalty stuff in the future. it’s very legit.
i think i am going to stay with it for the summer as i can work 27 hrs/week there. i will likely move to BMO come the school year though. i don’t want to work as many hours if at all. and if i work at all, i imagine that i will move downtown…into a 1 1/2 with a futon and a sleeping bag. i can’t take the travelling anymore. i am so sick of wasting all my time.
though i have spent insane amounts of money this past week (IPOD Nano, alpaca shawl and towing) i managed to be thrifty…Tim lost the case that protects my IPOD, but instead of buying an expensive skin i bought a glasses case for $3. it is pink and shiny…so better than my other genius plan – a sock. plus, i am less likely to lose something bigger. my brilliance astounds me.
i walked into a show of bagpipe music on the lawn in front of a church near Peel on Ste. Catherine. it was very pretty. dusk was setting in and the music reverberated because of the buildings. it was very nice and pleasantly surprising.
well, i need to blog, check my other email account, do some dishes, iron some clothes and maybe tidy up my room a bit before going to bed. i still don’t know how the parents and i are going to work out travelling by car when they get back from vacation, but i am optimistic. things usually work out.


4 thoughts on “new job

  1. Congrats on the new job, and the insane amounts of spending. šŸ˜‰

    I don’t have any protective case for my iPod, I just deal with the scratches as a fact of life. Just like the scratches on my cell phone, the dent on my Powerbook, the tears in my wallet (actually, I need to replace the wallet … ).

  2. If the purpose of the case is to store your iPod when you’re not using it, it shouldn’t make a difference what you’re using. An eye-glass case sounds like a very efficient and creative solution. If, of course, you need something to protect your iPod while you’re roller-blading, nothing will protect it. The most fragile part is the screen and it’s the one spot that no case will ever protect.

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