italy was much cooler than switzerland. more colours, less “same-thing for over 3 minutes.” seeing julie was awesome. saying good-bye to ilya was not.

the weirdest thing about being single: realizing that the men i flirt and tease incessantly might expect me to follow through…is it horrible to be a tease? do i need a reason to get out of sleeping with someone (that last one not in regards to anyone at the fireworks, but rather a more general question)? how do you know? i am not good at this. i am too shy when it comes to actions rather than words.

4 thoughts on “fireworks

  1. Well it is bad to lead people on… but who knows maybe the right guy will flirt back and surprise you. That love… okay if not love… being with someone usually hits you over the head and surprises you… maybe not to everone else… but it does surprise you.

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