the montreal grand prix


jeans were tighter, boobs were being pushed up and shoulders were way back yesterday if you dared walk around the party district of the downtown core. WAY too many women heavier than i were skimply clad. it was a tad disturbing. i had never been before. i don't get the idea of an orange or yellow Ferrari. isn't it over the top enough already? do you think someone is going to miss it?

i much preferred Peel to Crescent though. the Honda street was too crowded and had too many gimmicks. and the cars were those stupid sooped up things…ick. Peel was more purist as Eric put it. Just the cars…and lots of them. i'm not sure if i had ever actually seen a Lamborghini before (how do you spell that?). the Ferraris were awesome, but i see the ones parked in the garage at work kind of frequently.

Ilya and i went to Typhoon on Monkland. Gave half-a-pitcher of sangria to the lesbians sitting next to us as we rushed to get me to Lisa's before she went to sleep. Bryan's being gone means i get my friend back. YEAH! i am so selfish.

it was odd having people over on Thursday. i never have people over. my little brother proved to be pseudo-social these past couple of days and has managed to get himself invited to the fireworks tomorrow. the last event of Arrivederci Ilya month. then that too will be striken from the to-do list. it's coming down…but i liked that activity. too bad. all things must come to an end, yes? 


4 thoughts on “the montreal grand prix

  1. that they must. I may go to fireworks tommorrow… I have to see…. because I might end up going out to cheer up my friend Danny.

  2. I walked around the festivities yesterday. I walked through them too. I saw it, heard it, smelled it, felt it, and even tasted it.
    It is an assault on the senses that happens only once a year and I appreciated it. The weather was fine and so was the company. But I wasn’t able to answer that age-old question:
    On race weekend, what’s faster, the cars or the women on Crescent Street?

  3. sorry i didn’t call you on saturday heather, i had been up close to 36 hours and had spent a good 28 of those drinking heavily. as you can imagine, i was in no condition to visit.

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