there is an older man who sits in our warehouse all day surveying the landscape. His job is to sign for packages and make sure that no one from the outside world wanders around and no employee steals anything. He is the “big boss”‘s brother-in-law and he is very nice (though he sleeps sitting up on a regular basis). We shall call him Harry (i don’t feel it right to use the real names of anyone i am not going to inform of the blog post about them).
we have had this particular conversation once before, but this time around i not only had a flash of insight, but also realized its blog worthiness.

Harry does not read. He is a sports fan and he can watch T.V. and listen to the broadcast on the radio at the same time without a problem. He claims that his inability to concentrate for more than a page on anything written is likely the cause of his never going beyond grade ten (he is in his 60s at least, so it wasn’t that uncommon to not finish high school then). His wife was a grade school teacher before she retired. He is in exactly the opposite predicament of me. I CANNOT focus on more than one person speaking at a time (i am lost in loud bar) and have almost no idea how people listen to the radio. It takes me a VERY long time to recognize a song and i can never sing-a-long to the lyrics unless i have seen them written. Now, i prefer the ability to read for hours on end, but Harry and I quite obviously are wired very differently and have different abilities.

This led me to the question: why do i like to read? I had never really asked myself before. I think it has much to do with how intimate reading is as an activity. No one knows what’s going on in your mind as you read and you’re left alone to ponder not only the written word on the page, but anything else that pops into your consciousness. I know i’ve reread a single paragraph in even phenomenal books at least five times because i am busy planning dinner or thinking of what the rest of my to-do list is like, but no one judges or complains. Being a non-stop talker, i obviously like to listen to my own voice (LOL) and i don’t know if other people read like this, but i definitely hear my mind thinking over the top of the words i read. When i REALLY have to concentrate i read aloud in my head (yes, i know that’s a contradiction), but otherwise, it’s a line at a time with an interior monologue. Something really captivating takes up all my attention too (like Harry Potter! When are they going to come up with a release date for the 7th book! the 6th is released in Paperback at the end of the month and i am looking forward to obtaining a copy).

So, do the rest of you scholarly folk have the same experience when reading? You may or may not know that i have a little backgorund in psych from CEGEP and this topic of how different people think is one i hope to do some leisurely work on my entire life. I’m curious…and happy i realized something new about myself this morning at such an early hour…part of what i find so appealing about reading!

IPOD update: It left Memphis, TN this morning. There is a slim chance i might get it tomorrow, but no one will be home to accept the package anyways, so i guess it doesn’t matter.

Spending update: I bought a red alpaca poncho yesterday because it is freezing in reception. It is soft with no fringe but a cowl-neck and goes with everything. It makes a raspberry look pale. It cost a fortune, but as i am planning on living in it for the rest of my life, i think it will be worth it. If you don’t know what alpaca is, search for “alpaca poncho” on ebay.


3 thoughts on “reading

  1. Oh My! I always wanted to buy an alpaca poncho…it’s soft and comfy…you lucky girl.
    On the reading habits, I do tend to let my imagination draw some visual informations in mind, giving me a “feeling” of what I’m reading. Like, I’m reading about Chinese history, I will imagine myself in the streets of a city, looking at the people living their life or doing the things describes in the book. I have an overactive imagination, and I can’t read a book without imagining the story in my mind, and making some images or scenes too. Somtimes, it could make my reading a bit more tedious, as I can’t concentrate more than 5 minutes without starting imagining in my head, but sometimes, it helps me give me an impression of the world, characters, events that I am reading. Most of the time, the images I make in my mind are pretty acurate.

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