finally…a to-do list


i have been promising a to-do list for the summer since mid-April. As i now only have four days left working this job that permits incessant surfing and studying (i have been here an hour and answered the phones once!) i will finally provide you all with the list of things i had to do and have done.


Email Grad Schools
Pick ones to apply to
Visit U of T
Write Letter of Intent
Choose writing sample
Get an appt for the GREs
Study for and take the GREs [September 1st, 2006]
Read 1/3 of 490 syllabus
Read Boccaccio’s Decameron
Finish Foucault’s Discipline and Punish
Create calendar of funding and application deadlines
Review for ITAL 202
Take and get a STELLAR grade in ITAL 202

Research and purchase new hosting for the VOID
Move the website
Research and write one article of online content for next issue
Email subscribers of old site to inform them of change and put up a redirect
Organize and attend Arrivederci Ilya month
Figure out what it means to be assistant to the President of the Liberal Arts Society and do that
Make media-kit for the VOID
Print copies of mk and give to marketing people at 9600 Meilleur

Scrapbook all photos and tickets
Make an attempt to learn to draw
Finish crocheting the blanket
Plant and maintain new garden
Lose 25lbs
Cook something new every week
Blog at least 4 times a week
Read Nabokov’s short stories and Pnin, A Winter’s Tale, Hamlet, Othello, and Auerbach’s Mimesis
See friends as often as possible!
See at least 75% of the fireworks
Go to the Fringe, Jazz Fest and Comedy Fest at least once
Visit Veronica
Plan road trip to Boston in October

Find a new job
Work and be nice
Save money (70% of overall earnings as a goal)
Budget for the upcoming year

Will update as things are added, completed or removed. See sidebar.

2 thoughts on “finally…a to-do list

  1. I’ll def. go to the Jazz and Comedy Fest at least once with you and go to fireworks with you when I can.

    Also what does work and be nice mean…

  2. Yeah, just say when! I’m always in for Jazz fest and I’ve never actually had the chance to go to the Comedy fest, so why not start now.

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