more of an optimist than you’d expect


one of my very good friends, Bryan, is CONSTANTLY criticizing me for being a cynic. He is a ridiculously idealistic individual, but that's beyond the point.

I bought an IPOD NANO Saturday afternoon. It is black. It is sleek. It is sexy. I have wanted one for a while and the combination of being unable to shop for clothes because i am on a diet and having an new job and starting to rollerblade and walk everywhere has caused me to spend the money. i got the student discount from the apple website. awesome. i should have it by June 28th. I rock.

ok…the link between those two thoughts. You could get a free laser engraving on your IPOD. Well, at first i thought it was kind of stupid. Then i read the suggestions, some of them were cool if it was a gift. Then i decided to go for something classic: my name and my email address. Yes, i am hoping that WHEN i leave it somewhere, knowing my name and my email address will give it some hope of coming back to me.

So the next time someone tells me i'm a cynic (which my definition means that i think people are always motivated by selfishness – GRE vocab studying) – i will have a response.

I'll let you know if it works.

The fireworks were great. Brandy goes very well in French Vanilla coffee – just in case you were wondering. 


5 thoughts on “more of an optimist than you’d expect

  1. Dear cynic,

    I hope you don’t think that I purposedly didn’t give you the money I promised. I just forgot 😉 So I’ll give it to you next time I see you! Sorry about that again. xx

  2. “being unable to shop for clothes because i am on a diet”

    Ok, this is probably because I’m a guy but the above statement makes no sense at all to me.

  3. Hey Heather… I think the IPOD is a good thing… the nano worries me because it is soooooo small…. I’m a clutz and would worry about sitting on it or stepping on it.

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