kitchen experiment #1


yes…i like numbering posts.
of all the places to find a new recipe, i found one the other night at Lisa’s in her Kraft cookbook. Firstly, though i think it is probably a great cookbook for Lisa, because she has no idea what type of things to put together nor how to slice/dice/chop/broil/braise anything, the simpleness rocks. Most of the recipes, however, i had kind of slopped together myself already. Yeah, i’m one of those…what’s in my fridge/what’s on sale that’s different people and i throw it all in a casserole dish with salad dressing or juice to see what happens. Usually it turns out pretty well.

ok. so i had made guacamole with Lisa once before, but it had been a huge ordeal because i had actually bought ALL the ingredients separately and sliced them and then, as she doesn’t have a blender, we potato-mashed the avocadoes. It didn’t come out that great either. Tasted too much of lime juice.
The Kraft cookbook suggested just throwing an avocado into the blender with two or three dollops of salsa. I did this…and added some lemon juice because lemon juice makes everything better. Avocadoes do not blend well…i was constantly mixing with a spoon, i will use my mixer next time…nonetheless…wow. it’s good guacamole. i used medium salsa. of course, the plan had been to eat it for lunch today (i got two portions from one avocado), but then i remembered that today is Cherry’s last day so we are all going out for lunch. I hope it lasts until Sunday so i don’t have to throw a portion out.

Next blender attempt: Half-the-cost Humus (using italian dressing instead of tahini oil). I’ll probably throw in a garlic clove too, though the recipe didn’t call for it.

Being on a diet is more fun when you use it as an excuse to cook. That’s the problem with being very busy…your food’s too boring and you cheat.


3 thoughts on “kitchen experiment #1

  1. Humus is awesome – and I think the only successful thing I’ve ever made… but I can’t fathom using Italian Dressing in place of Tahini. Let me know how it turns out!

  2. Curious…
    Y’ever try using something unorthodox in your recipes like baby food, cat food, or something you found growing wild and picked?

  3. i have used the wild strawberries that grow in my lawn spontaneously. i have also made jam from our cherry tree (which i did not plant nor do i take care of) and apple sauce from the apples on our tree (after cutting out all the wormy areas). so…half-yes.

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