a public transport adventure


now, i am a seasoned public-transport user. as most of you know, i live about 50 km from the downtown core of Montreal on the North shore of the Mille-Iles river. I used to go to Champlain College in St. Lambert – on the South shore of the St. Lawrence. I know this means nothing to most Montrealers, who consistently ask me where i live in relation to other people on the West Island, so i have decided to include a map. I live a bit north of the star.

[a map]

Well, i used to take a bus, and then a train, and then the metro and then walk for ten minutes under the lovely Jacques Cartier. This took me about two hours and ten minutes EACH WAY to school everyday for two years. I now go to school downtown and carpool to a metro with my parents. When the traffic is good, i get there in about an hour and fifteen minutes. Anyways, i am not, however, a seasoned on-island public transport user. I drive on the week-ends into town and i don’t spend a lot of times at friends’ places (because i don’t have that many friends).

Last night, i slept over at Lisa’s and came to work from there: NDG, but just the other side of Cote St-Luc rd and further West than Cavendish. It took me an hour and ten minutes. It was a nice ride. The people were not smelly (which is much better than i can say for getting there via public transport yesterday) and i was able to get up and about because of the numerous transfers. I even read a little.
What amazed me most was how DEAD that area of town was at 6:30am. At home, there are already tons of people out and about…walking dogs, driving their kids into schools in town, on their way to work…out there no one was on the streets.

Ok. Insight shared. Townsdwellers are lazy. We watched Pride and Prejudice, the new version, Darcy is a God. I was not okay with the rewriting of one of my favourite novels. I know it’s very long…but the movie could have been 3 hours instead of 2. It didn’t even last long enough…i want to be Mrs. Darcy. Does this mean i am going to re-read it for the ninth time this week – most likely.



7 thoughts on “a public transport adventure

  1. Nice milestone =)

    One thing I’ve noticed though is that no one really has that many friends. When people seem like they have tons and tons of friends it’s usually an illusion.

  2. Should I start calling you Mrs. Darcy now? Also that is true about friendships… friendships for the most part have to be maintained, and it’s impossible to maintain a super number of friendships. Most people just lump acquantices (spelling?) along with friends.

  3. My question is, are you gonna work downtown from now on? The Scotia Bank building is just on the other side of the street from here.

  4. Well, the first reason that that area is dead isn’t so much the lazyness of townsdwellers as it is the irregularity and bizarreness of us suburbanites. Suburbia makes no sense if you consider the human body clock, we shouldn’t have to wake up with alarms, we shouldn’t be up and about that early (unless we go to bed at heather-time) but alas, there are some lazy townsdwellers and that is made evident when exam/paper season rolls around.

    anyways, you’re right, no one has that many friends, but maybe that’s a good thing. A friend is wonderufl and fantastic but they’re also an integral part of who you are and the more so the closer you are to them. They evaluate you and allow themselves to be evaluated. That ever changing dynamic between you and them can be stressful, and for liquid selves like we all are, too many friends, true friends, can result in a nervous breakdown as your self can never consolidate into one set being since you are always making and breaking and changing friendships and relationships with ppl. Well, we all do that really, jsut at a slower, normal speed that we don’t notice. With 8 million friends it would be noticeable, and too fast. We can’t adapt to that nor should we.

    I would rant about how Mr. Darcy has nothing really all that hot going for him except his money and his assholeness, but then again, this is your blog not mine.

    Heathcliff Forever!

  5. in answer to all: no i will not be working downtown.
    i have enough friends – but that isn’t a lot.
    Heathcliff sucks. I love Darcy. he is more than an asshole. his relationship with his sister and his housekeeper is what redeems him. and the letter is SO eloquent.

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