tangents (?)


there is something horribly wrong with the writing community at wordpress…
when i search the category “tangents” i get my own entries into that category and ONE other author’s ONE post…what is that about? my entire life people have been telling me to stop going off on tangents…i remember the first time i took the trouble to actually look it up in Grade 9 (Ms. Miller’s English class). I am NOT that special. I am NOT the only self-depreciating person out there…why has no one else chosen this category to organize their blogs? should i rename it to better meld in with the community? any suggestions?

so, my father informed me last night that i need to stop being so mean and that he thinks i am so because i think i am funny. i love the hypocrisy of the situation. when i’m not home, i get told how they miss me; when i spend more time at home, i get told that they enjoy my being there; when i spend too much time at home, i am told that i am a bitch who needs to control it. Why was i never that kid who just came home and closed their bedroom door only to emerge for dinner and to go to school? oh wait, right, because i wasn’t allowed to keep my door closed for no reason. well then, in a characteristic response, i decided i will not share the next couple of weeks with them. cold turkey or something equally asinine. i would like to go a day only speaking when spoken to, but i think i am much more likely to go a day without breathing.

oh yes, and i thought my bitchiness was previously established…in fact, i am pretty sure i promised myself that i was going to be as inconsiderate as the loafer in the basement is…unfortunately, my inconsiderateness doesn’t manifest itself by consuming huge amounts of resources and producing no work or benefit to those around me, but rather as saying everything and anything rude that pops into my mouth.
i can’t wait until next year when i can move out….


4 thoughts on “tangents (?)

  1. I’m lazy. It’s way easier to just file everything under Uncategorized.

    “i would like to go a day only speaking when spoken to, but i think i am much more likely to go a day without breathing.”

    That is so easy =)

    I just live by the rule that if I don’t have something of great interest to say I say nothing. I have a feeling what most people find uncomfortable silences I don’t even notice.

  2. yeah, i’ve written a huge post on those uncomfortable silences once…damned if i remember the title. maybe i should introduce it in the “start here” section. who knows?

  3. I switched over to the whole tagging thing. On the upside, I can just type whatever tags I think fits my post — on the downside, I might mistakenly put a plural in a tag that is plural-less and skew the whole system.

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