rollerblading: an age-inspiring event


nothing like getting on the scale and discovering that you have GAINED five pounds over a week when you have been pseudo-dieting to encourage me not to back out of the self-promised rollerblading excursion. i am okay. my ankles are sore – always the case with rollerblading for me, but my heart, lungs and legs are still fine. i think i was out for about fifteen minutes. so fun.

so, i promptly rollered over to the "newly paved" streets. ha. i now how proof that i am getting old. all the streets that in my mind had just been re-asphalted, were in fact crumbling cookies. there was only one newly paved street that i wasn't expecting. of course, not being a very good rollerblader, this made my time more difficult. alas, maybe one day i will get better.

i have a job by the way. telemarketing for the scotia bank will commence on June 26th. What fun you say! i know, you're unable to control your enthusiasm.

what more? not much. surf somewhere else for a change…i envy you the free time.


5 thoughts on “rollerblading: an age-inspiring event

  1. I notice that I’m getting old all the time. Of course, I’m repeating a period in my life with people who are doing it for the first time.

  2. and we refuse to let you forget your old-man status! i imagine reminding you ever two seconds doesn’t help either. remembering the eighties? now that puts you in my parents’ age group!

  3. If you’re hurting your ankles skating you probably need better skates. Your ankles should have nothing to do with skating. Maybe you’re just not tying the skates tight enough?

    My first pair of skates was really crappy and I actually twisted my ankle on a turn coming off a sidewalk once. I then bought a mildly expensive (high-end but not the most expensive) pair and I’ve had them ever since. They’re great.

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