fringe festival


after reading the most horrific write-up ever on a fringe festival show co-written by a girl who once attended the LAC with me (one Natasha Greenblatt), i decided to go to In the Beginning: A Short Piece of Life and Death. I did not know what to do with myself when i realized i was liking it. That sounds very catty of me, but the write-up really did not reflect the performance at all. A catchy…have you ever laughed at a funeral? didn’t encourage me to attend. However, as with all things Fringe, i didn’t know how to decide what to go see. There was SOME humour, but mostly in the flashbacks and in the interactions with others…death was not made laughable. I particularly enjoyed the scenes of the couple in bed (done brilliant with a white sheet draped across the performance space). And, to my horror, the movement piece which was so insanely funny to watch at the beginning ended up making sense. I hated liking a movement piece. Ah well, you can’t win them all. Ha. I also liked the re-write of the Orpheus myth to make it the woman who follows the man into the underworld. I don’t think i’ve provided too much of a spoiler, so i’ll stop now and suggest that you go see it if you don’t have anything else planned.

I also watched a Woody Allen (Deconstructing Harry) with Lisa and His Girl Friday after cleaning up Lisa’s apartment for her Saturday morning. Dishes, mirrors, TV screen, walls and coffee table were all washed and floors were swept. You’re impressed, i know.

And i’m back dating this entry just because i can.


2 thoughts on “fringe festival

  1. You should go see Uncalled For. I should be going tonight with Skrud if I get off work on time. I went yesterday and they were absolutely hilarious. Check out my blog to see what it was about.

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