Chagrin is a lovely shade of crimson


The job hunt begins…
i printed out copies of my C.V. only to continue to discover millions of typos. So i reprinted it with the corrections, to find a couple more. Of course, i am out of the good paper that i brought to the office to print it on, so these 10 copies are not going to be perfect. It’s all in the French that it’s wrong…mostly accents that were omitted (like in aout i forgot the circonflex on the u, i suck). Yeah, so i am going over to a temporary placement agency with another woman from the office at lunch. I am also going to stop in on the 8th floor where apparently they are looking for a receptionist. I have two call-backs thus far, i think quitting the other job might have been a good idea. i can make more money. more money = more fun in Boston, more travelling and more drinking! more more more!
There was a sing-a-long at the BBQ (where i did not drink) and having Bryan, Lisa and Ilya there made up for my inability to actually listen to a song’s lyrics when it plays. Best moment of the night…they were trying to sing Tears in Heaven when Zach and Annabelle told them to shut up…both their Dad’s passed away recently. Chagrin is a lovely shade of crimson.
Remind me not to eat so much again. I am suffering from a tummy ache and felt so bloated last night that i had to undo my belt. if the cops had pulled me over, i must say i would have made a lovely picture. thanks ever so much eric for having us all over.
oh wait, and an update on the brother front, because there hasn’t been one in so long, he was approached to perhaps work at a sleep-away day camp (yeah! no loafer in my basement all summer! no free vacation in Florida for the dead beat while i work like a slave), but he told my Dad the reason he wasn’t answering when my Dad was calling every ten minutes to remind him to call this morning was because “he was ignoring the phone” and not the “because i was sleeping” that was the truth. It’s pathological. The only person i know who consistently ignores the phone ringing is me…


3 thoughts on “Chagrin is a lovely shade of crimson

  1. Call Phong-Vy at 514-847-1105. She’s my agent at Adecco. Tell her I gave you the reference – maybe she can help.

  2. I should set the record straight regarding parents, but I won’t. Your information’s inaccurate, but harmless.
    As for errors on a CV, you know how to remedy that.

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