Old Friends


One of my high school friends saved the day yesterday…what else is new? I’ve only really kept in touch with three people from the ‘hood (haha) and i must say that the two i have re-established “friendship” with over the past couple of months have been just stellar.
So…to explain how Shaun saved the day…I went to pick-up my rollerblades yesterday – just in case we actually decide to go to the REC tomorrow (and because i might want to get some exercise at some point if i am going to be dieting). Seeing Steve was painful. He looked like someone had been jackhammering into his head – he had been working a jackhammer for the past 12 hours outside in the heat. He was filthy, having gotten home about an hour and a half before and collapsed on the couch rather than either taking a shower or cleaning his room so i might be able to come in (had i wanted to fool around – hey, the thought DID cross my mind; i am a little hurt that it apparently didn’t cross his). It was weird filling him in on the past couple of weeks, telling him about the work problems outlined in Tuesday’s post, etc. He had to go to both court and a funeral today (happy i’m not him). I get to go to a BBQ – yeah!
Ok, so i am feeling alone and estranged and all those other bad things, so i am smoking a cigarette in the car (that last bit is correlated to my newest crazy diet – you don’t want to hear it, but yes you can yell at me) and listening to Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell. I get home and i am sitting in the car, parked on the other side of our hedge, and i don’t feel like going in, so i am relishing the excuse to stay in the car and listening to the end of the Meatloaf tape. Shaun calls…”Come over! My parents are out of town…we can have drinks…or walk the dogs…or whatever.” I went over. A rum and coke later and some discussion of various levels of debauchery (and Shaun’s first boyfriend) as well as what the counsellor job will be like if i do it (Shaun worked there last year) and i felt better. Fell asleep before midnight i did.
So, another day of dieting begins. I have cantalope for the BBQ. Did you know cantalope has more Vitamin C than an orange?


3 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. You comment about the cantaloupe sounded interesting so I checked it out. It seems the only reason it has more Vitamin C is because it’s a lot bigger than an orange.

    According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_C has 10 milligrams/100 grams less Vitamin C than oranges.

    What I found particularly amazing though was the brocoli. Never would’ve guessed. The parsley either. I always assumed parsley had very little nutritional value given that it’s usually only used decoratively.

  2. Mmm… cantaloupe. Get that vitamin C and keep the scurvy away. 😉

    Yeah, and about the cigarette part I think I can guess what the correlation is. Correct if I’m wrong. Is it the whole bit where when smokers quit, they tend to gain weight, therefore when non-smokers start they eventually lose weight?

    Not gonna yell at you, but this is probably not the best way to go. Anyway, consciously going on a diet never worked for me, so what would I know.

  3. who’s bbq?i like cantaloupe…ok take care. glad you are better, i commented on the one about the job thing, but that seems to be figured out.

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