oh so fresh


Monday night was spent with Isabelle at the Cafe Depot watching the first three episodes of The Fresh Prince of Belair. I had wanted to buy the DVD set for quite so time, but Isa beat me to it (despite her not actually owning a DVD player). Apparently it was on sale last week-end.

Did Will Smith always dance so badly in those first episodes, or was it cool to dance like that at some point? In 1990, i was too young to be aware of what was cool and what was not, but i pretty distinctly remember it being Carleton who couldn’t dance. Does anyone remember?

Watching the first episodes brought me back to my first “boyfriend” in Grade 5 – one Jamie Orford. We would play games on his computer, play Sega, watch the Fresh Prince and Star Trek (i distinctly remember the password to his wordperfect files being the serial number on the original Enterprise) and swim all summer. Like many of my more memorable relationships, it began as us meeting to “fight” after-school one day because i just didn’t like him. He was a year older than me. Wow. A long time ago…

Other thoughts for reflection: how is it that Will Smith didn’t get type-cast for playing that role? You never see Carleton, so it wasn’t an inherent quality of the show, but when you stop and think of it, i don’t think i’ve ever noticed the guy who played Steve Urkel in anything else. Damn that show was weird…remember when he would transform himself into “cool” Urkel?

I think i just might go out and purchase my Season 4 of That 70’s Show. It didn’t seem right without Steve to watch it with, but i don’t think i should deprive myself any longer. Besides, maybe i will be able to relish some of the better memories of watching it with him rather than focusing on the weirdness of our current state of estrangement. Here’s hoping…


6 thoughts on “oh so fresh

  1. Will Smith didn’t get typecast because the was the “cool” one. Being the lame one on a tv series pretty much assures the death of your career. Urkel, Carleton, Screech, once the show is over it’s really rare to see characters like them in something else.

    Plus, Will Smith is actually pretty talented in a bunch of things. I don’t like his music but it’s at least better (for people that like rap) than most actor turned musician stuff. He can also do comedies and action pretty well.

    Somehow I just don’t see Carleton having a credible role in Bad Boys.

  2. ahhhh, so many memories of my teens years are brought back when I think about the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air…It was a cool show, not a good one, but still. After the Cosby family, this was one of the rare show of Black American peoples living on the television taht marked us deeply. I saw some shows recently (reruns on the television), and I was amazed about the topics that was treated in it (Will being shot for money while protecting his cousin Carleton). That was really a cool show.

  3. I watched the first 4 seasons of 24 with Robert, and the 5th on my own. Of course it was weird – I wanted to put my head in his lap, to hold his hand tight and to dig my nails in his skin when the tension was too high. But it’s an exercise into independance… (seems like it hasn’t worked that well for me yet…)

  4. Yeah, Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I’ll have to agree with Deborah’s comment. It was a pretty funny show (fat and short jokes, original handshakes, Tom Jones imitations, guys getting thrown out of houses) that dealt with some serious issues like race, drugs, violence, social class and adolescent sexuality.

    This was especially true for the first few seasons. Some episodes that come to mind include Carlton and Will getting arrested because they assumed that two young black men driving a Mercedes must have stolen the car. Or Carlton not getting into a frat because he was a “sell out” who “wasn’t black enough”.

    It’s too bad that in the last couple of seasons, they stopped pushing the envelope as the show became more and more mainstream.

  5. LOL I totally forgot about Will always getting thrown out of the house (or his friend Jazz too!). Really, it was a good show.
    Ohhh, and the show where one of Will’s aunt married a white guy…priceless! heh heh

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