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i know from my feed stats, that there are actually a substantial portion of my readers whom have never met me personally. i am using this information in the following post to attempt and canvas an unbiased population regarding my job prospects for the upcoming weeks. for those of you who know most, if not all, of the following stats, pls bear with me and comment nonetheless.

For the next eight months, i figure my total expenses to be approximately $6000. I have an accumulated sum of approx. $8000 of student loan money in a term deposit maturing the first week of September. This does not include any travelling i hope to do after completing my BA (see posts on Cruise and St. Petersburg).
I am currently in my first week of three weeks of full-time employment, netting $750 after bills still to be paid.
I have a job for the next six-ten weeks of the summer as a camp counsellor, making approximately the same amount of money a week as i am making in the office right now. Unfortunately, i also have a summer class to take on Tuesdays and Thursday nights and it appears that, though i was not informed of this during the interview, there will be “homework” type work to be done to prep the English classes i will teach during the camp. This conflicts with studying for Italian (the class), the GREs and grad school apps.
I have ultimate faith that i COULD do it all, but i don’t really want to. However, i don’t really want to work at all, so what am i to do? Should i start applying for part-time work either near my home or around the University? Should i suck it up and work the summer camp because it provides pertinent work experience to the field i am interested in (i.e. a professorship)?
Other factors to consider: (a) i have been short-listed for a T.A. position during the upcoming year. This means that i would be working during the school year despite my plans to the contrary. Obviously a T.A. position is too good to pass up (hence why i applied) and would be a huge step forward in my career. (b) i may not actually be applying to grad school right away, there is a chance (and not a tiny one, this isn’t a dream on a cloud) that i might be able to go work in Italy for a year (business acquaintance of my Dad has said it’s a possibility) – this would make me much more marketable as a grad student because of the increased Italian fluency. Obviously, i would also be able to replenish whatever funds i use up during the next year during that time. (c) if i start working part-time, it has been drawn to my attention by an old co-worker from Subway, that it is likely i will not quit come the school year. This would tamper with my plans to build some extracurricular for my grad apps, contribute to the VOID, and just get the most out of my last year as an undergrad.

So, what would you do? Do i sound like a spoiled, peevish brat not wanting to work at the day camp – because i feel like one, but i still don’t want to do it. I have already had one sleepless night over the prospect of having homework and work both pulling at my rare evenings off and my week-ends. I would rather not have another. What should i do, in your humble opinion?
And don’t worry, i am thinking it over too, but i wonder if anyone can provide some useful insight like that which my co-worker from Subway came up with.
Okay, long post over. Sorry ’bout that.


3 thoughts on “job prospects

  1. Well, my 2 cents is that yes, you do sound peevish and spoiled. Suck it up and do it all. Either you’ll conquer it and grow stronger or you’ll break yourself. I believe it’ll be option one.

    When you say you’ve been short-listed for that TA position, did they send you something saying so?! Because I haven’t recieved a thing yet….

    Gluck Heahter and p.s. Italian = NOT HARD, especially in the summer, especially twice a week AND you have your weekends to study!!

    Plus if you need help i’ll be available all summer by email

  2. Because you insisted 😉

    I’m not in your head, but you should get your priorities straight. What do you want? Money? Experience? Relaxing? Doing a lot of things is good, but don’t bring it to the point where summer is worse than school year – like me right now.

    We can talk more later 😉 xx

  3. anything is better than working for the census being paid by piece work — the summer camp would be good but you are such a hard worker during the school year that if you wanted to take a bit of a break and work at maxi, where you would work weekends…then i guess it would totally (haha) be ok-ay with me.

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