Montreal’s International Beer Festival


I have been harassed by numerous individuals over the past couple of months to attend an apparently huge event in Montreal and gave in to peer pressure. Though there were a lot of beers i had never heard of, i am not a beer lover and i was floored by the atmosphere at the place. According to a friend of mine who has attended many of these festivals in the past, this year’s vibe was radically different from its predecessors’, but i can’t attest to that.
the venue was so crowded that our group of four repeatedly got split up. i was rammed into numerous times by people with large backpacks, and though i left my bag in the car, did my own fair share of ramming. the floors were sticky with spilt beverage, and i must say i was a tad overwhelmed by the number of folk paying one coupon, at a dollar a coupon, for a glass of molson, coors light or some other generic brand and attempting to get sloshed. i truly thought i was in a club sometimes. i had an excellent time because the people i was with were very fun and the conversation was good (did you know sex is boring? i was unaware of this until last night when we went out for dinner afterwards at mr. steers’), but i would NEVER attend the beer fest again on a saturday evening. maybe during the day, but at night it wasn’t worth it.
Ilya made me watch the Princess Bride (a 1986 movie with Ben Savage) which i had never seen before. i also got a speech about post-modernism done correctly and how this film evidences it. I love Ilya; why is it that all my friends move away? Veronica to Toronto, Lisa into town and now Ilya back to Moscow…do i smell that bad?
I originally had hopes of watching the new Woody Allen movie this evening, but i spent the afternoon planning, shopping and then planting the new perennials of the year and now i am in another knock down, drag out fight with the CSS for the Void page. Why will the background colour not change??? or rather, why will it only change the background colour of the links and not that of the rest of the page despite my having executed a find-and-replace function in textwrangler? if anyone has any suggestions after looking at the stylesheet which can be validated at w3schools lemme know – pls!


6 thoughts on “Montreal’s International Beer Festival

  1. You have to be pretty strategic when going to festivals like these. I agree that it was pretty packed. Avoid the 5 à 7 crowd and try to go during the early afternoon if you can.

    I don’t understand why people are going there to drink local (or even imported) beers that can easily be found at your corner dépanneur or grocery store. The whole idea is to get a taste unknown stuff and to support our small microbreweries (the series of hemp beers by Le Chaudron international are a good example).

    I hope you enjoyed watching The Princess Bride. It was one of those “cute” movies.

  2. Actually, saturday during the day wasn’t really much better. I went from 2 to 3:30 I think and it was pretty packed then as well. It was getting worse and worse as time went on thought so I don’t even want to think what it must’ve been like in the evening.

  3. i will save you from the latest woody allen movie which lisa and i ….well let’s just say woody shouldn’t leave new york, ever. Other than that I hope you get your void page figured out.

  4. yeah, the beer festival this year sucked! Too many people, not a lot of variety of beer and other drinks (ciders, wines, hard drinks, etc…), too many bimbos there!
    I went thursday and friday night, and I prefered thursday night, less people and more variety. Next year, I plan to go during the first day only, as there isn’t a lot of people (so told me one of the representative at his kiosque). Normally, it is a cool festival, but this year…major thumb down.

  5. Like any Montreal festival (other than Just For Laughs), the international beerfest is best appreciated at a slow pace over the course of a weekday afternoon and evening.
    I agree with Angelo that a goal should be to sample what is not usually possible around here. But without the local big guys, We could not afford this festival.
    Deborah, if you’re looking for cider, wine, and hard drinks at a BEER festival, you may not have understood the premise.

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