microsoft’s dominance


i hate explorer. i am not alone. i also hate how software is inevitably only compatible with windows. this used to be limited mainly to the free games you can get from cereal boxes. alas, the GRE PowerPrep software that includes ten old tests is only compatible with Windows. This means i will have to use the disgusting, sordid even, computer downstairs that my little brother spends his days jacking off in front of. i love my powerbook. i love safari. why can’t more people convert? OSX takes no getting used to.
i have been plugging away diligently on the void’s website. i need a splash page, badly, but lord knows i won’t be able to do that at work because i can’t install and, hence, don’t have an FTP uploader. I should probably temp something together. i also need to take a very scrutinizing look at the template i am going to be messing with, but i don’t understand PHP at all. Trying to install the RSS feed aggregator is going to be a blast – ha!
Last night i was in a foul humour over the state of the kitchen, so i locked myself in my bedroom and ended up staring at the photos of the old b/f and i together…i still don’t have the heart to take them down. i need something to replace them with. i proceeded to eat a raisin bun, felt fat because i am supposed to be on a diet, and called him, the old b/f that is. he was on his way out and couldn’t talk, so when i was out of “i forgot the following items at your house” conversation, i had to hang up. What a flashback to our relationship. So i went to bed. My Mum woke me up when she got home at about quarter after SEVEN and i heard her washing the gynormous load of dishes i had created in a fit of peevishness. haha. i slept right through. except for a dream wherein Veronica died in a horrible plane crash in New Mexico but i found out through a Ouija board and no one would believe me. Weird.
I am going to hold off relocating (again, i know!) until the new version of WordPress is released and i will be able to export seamlessly. I have too many comments to do the RSS feed bit to get a new site off the ground.

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