Torrential Downpour


so often we using the aforementioned expression simply as hyperbole. this evening, i was caught in a true one. it was raining so hard it looked like snow as Timothy Patrick so nicely put it. he then offered to run out of the coffee shop first and open the car…and proceeded to stay in the vestibule and watch me, in a summer dress and chinese sandals, run through a puddle that came up three inches up my calf into the car. i was ringing water out of the skirt of the dress. i imagine it was very funny to watch me try and not leave a slipper, dying to float, behind.
i visited my old high school for the first time in five years today. it was quite an intense experience. gave a speech for a class of my old math teacher’s. got a history teacher’s phone number and email address – i am supposed to go over for dinner in July and meet his research assistant and see his collection of rare books. he had prof. krantz too if you can believe it.
my knee aches again. generally this means there will be another thunderstorm. apparently i have a lot of pizzazz. nightie night.


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