Tirade: DB Multimedia


As promised, i will finally engage in my rather foul-mouthed rant against the folks at DB Multimedia, the previous hosts for the void magazine.

DB Multimedia did not provide enough bandwidth to keep our site up and running until the end of the month. This was problematic and could not be overcome without upping the cost of our package considerably, thus, we shopped around and found a new hosting service, not based in Canada, in Mochahost. We were rather attached to our domain name though, and were thinking about renewing the domain name with DB Multimedia instead of using one of the two free domains offered by Mochahost. This began a long, arduous and painful process.
You need an EPP Authorization Key to transfer domain names. The only way to get this "key" is by contacting the original registrar. Would ya know that DB Multimedia doesn't have an email address, phone number or fax number on their site? (which is filled with an insane amount of advertising even for a hosting service by the way). I managed to get an email and phone number by running a "Who is?" search on the domain name. I left three messages on their voicemail and got no response. I sent two emails before being told i had to fill out a "trouble ticket." My trouble ticket, three weeks later, has yet to be dealt with, despite my sending a third email a week ago.
My new hosts have been very helpful – even when i didn't really understand the problem, they have been patient and explained things in the simplest terms possible. They respond to my emails within ten minutes to 14 hours – a fantastic span. They provided me with the parent domain registering company's email address and i sent an email there. DB Multimedia finally got back to me after that step asking for more info: like the address and original receipt for the transaction. This was forwarded to them a week ago, and i still have no response.
Hence, the void's website is in the slow process of relocating to a new domain: thevoidmagazine.ca where you can find volume 4 up and running right now.

I am busy trying to get textpattern to work the way i would like it to. It requires a bit more understanding of code than wordpress, so it is a challenge. I hope you will all appreciate the results and add buttons linking to us in your blogrolls if you have a site to host it from. Nothing like a shameless plug now and then, n'est pas?


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