Poem of the Week #3


i gave the address of this blog to a young man who graciously tried to help me with the domain name problems i had been having. his comment was that they are very sad my entries. i think this might reflect my tendency to write when already succumbing to a state of melancholia. sorry to be depressing if it's the case.

and on that melancholic theme, i hereby provide you with a poem by a Chinese writer that reminded me a lot of how i felt last night.

perhaps the palm of the hand

has to turn into the back of the handperhaps lifehas to be taken apart and then put back together again
to see what life really looked like
I once climbed up onto the roof, but it was no good
the scenery beneath me was like a fine trickle of water
overhead, the Dipper turned, stars shifted
in a flash Beauty whizzed by me
too quick to leave me longing
DUO YU© Translation: 2006, Simon Patton


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