initiation into a Montreal tradition


Sarah and i went to both Cheap Thrills and Paragraph yesterday. I had never before been to either. I did not buy anything at the latter, but she did. I got used: Ulysses, Decameron and Chretien de Troyes. At five dollars each – an incredible bargain. We also went out for breakfast – i ordered waffles with fruit and English cream but rec'd french toast. I didn't complain because the girl was obviously working her first shift (explaining of table lay-out gave it away). I am not always a bitch.

My Mum and i went to the Brasserie La Blainvilloise for dinner. Spaghetti, Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread for $2.49. Yum. Ran into a girl who used to work at Subway – weird. Watched four episodes of Dead Like Me. I am horribly torn between Nabokov and this series. How to choose?

The last episode ended on a sad note. I tried to fall asleep craddling my cat like a baby. It was too hot. So i ended crunched around my body pillow (and some sobbing). I miss being held and listened to and pampered and under-appreciated and lied to and all the stuff that was integral to our relationship. I am not going to call him. If he calls me, fine and good, but after the text message i sent him, i think his not calling is indicative of whether or not we can even be friends.


3 thoughts on “initiation into a Montreal tradition

  1. I haven’t seen Nabokov. But I *love* Dead Like Me.

    Now you’ve gotta try Les 3 Brasseurs … It has some of the best microbrews EVER

  2. yeah, the 3 Brasseurs…”Un mèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèètre de bière!” and one is opening close to Concordia soon! I propose that we all go there when it’ll open.
    And as for you missing being pampered, held, listened,… I know it’s hard to feel like that when a relationship has ended, but you will feel better soon. I’m not sure I like the “being under-appreciated and lied to…” bit. I send you a hug from far, *hugs*, but do not feel depressed or morose or sad. You should look at healing yourself and then live your life without thinking of him. Anyway, well, *hugs* again from distance.

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