street people


as a continuation of my last post…
i asserted yesterday yet again that i COULD live the life of a hobo wandering around Europe. I was going to say gypsy, but then i remembered how meanly they were treated in Italy and take it back. I decided to spend a good part of my afternoon outside. Of course, i work in an industrial area, so i was hard pressed to find a nice patch of grass. Enter street person mentality — i commandeered a huge cement block under the hydro tower (yes, a metal one, i know…cancer) and proceeded to fall asleep by curving myself AROUND the metal bar that protrudes out of the middle. I woke up and hour and a half later with a bit of a suntan and cement marks all over my arms and legs. It was refreshing nonetheless.
I also finished the media kit last night. Went to bed at an ungodly hour of 1 something and am eating breakfast before going off to meet Sarah. CIRA has not updated the contact information yet, so i am still unable to get the website moved. Alas, the trials and tribulations of a web editor.


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