Back so soon


I hate internet explorer. i have now typed this entry three times and am fed up. must work.

ok. round five of writing this post… for those of you who felt the need to tell me to get firefox…i use a powerbook and LOVE Safari. At the office, however, i do not have administrative privileges on my computer and can't install any software. I am stuck with shitty microsoft. ah well.

i meant to do laundry and engage in a stream of phone calls upon arriving home last night, but rather ended up watching the Season Finale of HOUSE. I love HOUSE, but i hate that post-modern hallucination sequence bullshit. Damn you for ruining what could have been a good thing. Right now i am very tired of planning stuff and running around. If you want to do something, i suggest you email or call me. otherwise, i am hiding in my room with Nabokov's short stories and the many items on my to-do list: make media kit, upload website, start new website, study for the GREs, write letter of intent draft for grad apps.

The train ride home seemed long but it wasn't. It was an express. The Zoo was very fun. Great even. I would go again…not in the very near future, but one day. I have some retroactive posts at home to be uploaded. I will set the dates to when they were written – i like that feature muchly.

I'm on a diet again. Too much drinking this week-end. An overwhelming, extraordinary and mind-boggling consumption of wine and vodka. My cat missed me. I sent a text message to steve from inside a bar (andy poolhall for the curious) because VERONICA didn't stop me… it said "pourquoi il a fallu que je laisse celui qui me complete?" [translation for ilya and any other non-french speakers: why did i have to leave him who completed me?] i was dwelling on that during the ride home. I want to go to Europe and just disappear. Work random shitty jobs and live the life of a hobo. If only i could draw, then there would be something to do sitting on a bench in the sun or inside a cafe in the rain. People watching is weird from behind a book. Maybe i won't get back on the Cruise ship in St. Petersburg.

And a tidbit: How did the CN Tower become Canada's Wonder of the World? Is Niagara not infinitely more impressive, worthwhile and inspiring? I haven't been, but let's remember what the CN Tower is – a glorified radio antenna. I want to see the Sears Tower in Chicago. That it's actually that tall…and used all the way up. Impressive. I wonder if it's as ugly as the World Trade Centre was. Anyone know?

Ok. I am going outside to read and nap. I would like to write the media kit today, but am not entirely optimistic. i also need to study more for the GREs but i was too lazy to take the book out of my suitcase. Oh, and that pesky laundry. Damn it.


5 thoughts on “Back so soon

  1. Ya …i like firefox. nothing is new which is why there is no post. Also, I was busy talking to people and feel that i spent enough time watching your every move. I would miss you if you disappeared and became a hobo. Anyway, I have to run to my test session thing at the canada census…

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