Egadz it’s badz


The Royal Ontario Musuem is pretty shitty. We did not follow Justin’s suggestion in the end and head out around 1pm to the ROM as they call it. It is under construction. There is a very nice Asian wing with murals, a collection of buddhas and other archaelogical finds. There is also a pretty nice Egypt and Greek section. It is understandable that all the artificats are pottery and other remnants in these areas.
The 2nd floor is dominated by an animal exhibit. They are all stuffed and Toronto has a supposedly (because I haven’t been yet) top-notch zoo. Why waste valuable space on something Toronto already has covered? The European floor was a huge let-down. There were two cases on the Renaissance and I thought I have walked out of an eight-year old history book, with pictures, when looking at the displays. Rooms from different “periods” were reconstructed for your perusal. It was essentially a furniture exhibit with the worst audio presentations I have yet to hear. It was as if someone was trying to recreate the Met but with only one-hundredth the budget. And they doubled up on certain exhibits too – if I saw one more Victorian English parlour, I would scream. The MMFA does a much better job in my humble opinion – mainly because there is art and the museum chose to specialize.
Veronica and I then walked down Bloor street to the Indigo where I was reminded why I hate Starbucks – because they are too good there to serve Orange Pekoe tea. You get a choice of Earl Grey or Chai – too snobby teas and not the ones most serious tea drinkers (i.e. the people who would actually pay three dollars for a tea) consume on a regular basis. We snooped the shelves, found lots of great stuff, and put a lot back again. I ended up with only one purchase – Nabokov’s short stories.
We returned back to the house with wine, books and an appetite to a gourmet meal of hotdogs, French fries and corn on the cob. We then rushed out to YukYuk’s where I laughed myself senseless. Yeah YukYuk’s! I can’t remember the names of the comics who were playing last night. One’s website is

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