why am i an early bird?


Ashleigh and Justin are very nice. As my previous blog entry might indicate, she and I spent the evening discussing relationships and drives for success. I managed to feel kind of validated in the whole breaking up with Steve thing, but then again, as I look at them, content in a nice area of Toronto, planning their marriage and purchase of a house, I get sad again. I went to sleep at 2am, and, as usual, was up before 8. I would love to be able to sleep like a normal person after drinking like a fish the night before.

Justin suggested a trip to St. Lawrence Market, the Harbour and then the CN Tower today. Not a bad plan. The academic portion of the trip was completed yesterday with the tour of U of T. I know all Universities like present themselves in this pretentious manner, but I spent the entire time trying to poke holes in the tour guides narrative. The fifteen minute film on the great people who attended U of T was just vomit worthy. The campus is beautiful however, and I am sure I would be happy here. I just don’t like the idea of a university that doesn’t have a “let no student starve” iniative. The tour guide couldn’t even imagine what I was talking about. I guess the activism at Concordia has spoiled me rotten.


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