wine and martinis


5 glasses of wine and 3 martinis later

I am as fucking drunk as can be. A fifth wheel (two other couples) sitting on a couch listening to the eurhythmics. I inspected my face and staring at my teenage complexion realized I have no clue who I am anymore. This person who didn’t believe in casual sexual encounters who is dying to be held, cuddled and loved. What the fuck is this?

If I start to cry I’ll never stop. I wish my dad or ilya were here. Ilya would make me feel better…I could go online.

I hate how if you put your head against a mirror, you become a Cyclops. It makes me think of Eskimo kisses and how I used to think this was the most intimate way of looking into a person’s soul – but the ability to do it to yourself denies this.


2 thoughts on “wine and martinis

  1. Here we are! One hug, a nuzzle…
    What’s this? A bill?!
    “One Soul”?! Hmmmmmmm, can one declare bankruptcy when faced with such a debt?
    Certainly not!University tuition fees would never be paid otherwise!
    I mean…feel better? :S

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